Step four: Post-screening

The screening went lovely and ran smoothly!


Of course this screening would not have happened without the attendees, so let's thank them using the Follow Up Message Template

You've created the event! Now it's time to promote and ensure that enough tickets are reserved before the deadline.

1. Don't know where to begin? Check out An Introduction to Promoting Your Screening to start promoting!

2. Learn how to maximize your outreach, tracks your outreach success, and message attendees by reading Tugg Tools!

3. Here are more guides to help you along the way.

4. Be sure to continue to update attendees and potential attendees with new information about your event and film using the guides below:

You've met the threshold and now the screening is happening!


1. To ensure a smooth screening day, check out the Preparing For Your Event Guide.

2. Unsure of how to introduce Created Equal? No worries! Our Sample Event Introduction is here to help.

Step THREE: screening day!

Step One: Schedule Screening

So you want a screening? To get started, fill out an Event Request Form.


Use Getting Started: Setting Up Your Tugg Screening Guide to help you create the perfect screening!


Thank you for hosting a screening of Created Equal through Tugg. We hope you enjoyed this film screening experience!

We’ve partnered with, a web-platform that enables individuals, groups, and organizations to set up personalized screenings of Created Equal in theaters and community venues across the country.


You pick the time, place and date. Tugg reserves the theater and creates a personalized event page for the screening. However, a certain amount of tickets need to be pre-sold in order for the event to be confirmed or else the event will not happen! It's up to you to make this screening possible!

Note: If you are interested in hosting a screening of Created Equal at your community organization or university, please visit Created Equal 's Community or Campus Page

How do you do this? Check below for four easy steps!

How to Host a Screening with Tugg

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